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"Mainstream porn is quite insane" Walled Garden borders “What the fuck is that doing here?” The Crossing "A line can turn into a horrifyingly rigid reality."
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Introducing The Idea List Everything Ends Songs of Love and Hate Kenneth Goldsmith on the end of the Internet Telephone Angel Dutch Light 'Turf War' End of the Story
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Oh the little ones “We don’t have any positive pictures of adulthood” “Kids don’t suffer from the limitations we do” 'The Animal Cracker Plot' Young at Heart
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Next up: Sleep '6am' Hans-Ulrich Obrist on Sleep “Sleep is a Problem-Solver” A Natural Nuisance A Place, between Sleep and Awake
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Margin Walker Street View’s Strange Solitude Party of One "We are surrounded by the lonely all the time" "Isolation isn''t the biggest problem" “Nature is probably best for solitude” Alone among each other Solitude
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"Of course I want to turn away from sin" Loud as Hell A Friend of the Devil The Devil “We are rational people” Inertia The Devil You Know “People say: ‘Father, I need an exorcism.’” Hitler! War! Destruction!
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