The Devil

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"Of course I want to turn away from sin" Dec 17, 2016 The Devil Religion seems to be very central to who you are as an artist and private person. A lot of your lyrics deal with God and you describe yourself as a Loud as Hell Mar 3, 2016 The Devil How difficult is it, to compile a playlist about Satan, hell or eternal punishment, without including any Heavy Metal or Hard Rock songs? It is A Friend of the Devil Mar 2, 2016 The Devil The story of a musical genius, made at a crossroads one night. “People say: ‘Father, I need an exorcism.’” Mar 1, 2016 The Devil The Idea List: How do people react when you tell them that you work as an exorcist? Fr. Gary Thomas: It gets peoples’ attention. I am a full-time “We are rational people” Feb 29, 2016 The Devil The Devil brings out the best in us, says Magus Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan. But only, if we don’t believe in him. The Devil You Know Feb 20, 2016 The Devil The devil exists. But not in the way you think. Inertia Feb 18, 2016 The Devil Two minutes to five. She sets the tray down on the white tablecloth, and herself, back straight, on the clean white chair in the winter garden for Hitler! War! Destruction! Feb 14, 2016 The Devil On clear days, you can see it from the city: A run-down radar station, perched on a hill overlooking Berlin. The station has a somewhat sinister The Devil Feb 5, 2016 The Devil It’s a scary concept, really: A fallen angel, who reigns over the underworld and tortures lost souls until eternity. According to scripture, the