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Walled Garden Apr 5, 2016 Borders You have heard about the “Great Firewall of China”, that epitome of modern censorship: Thanks to an intricate system of digital blockades, great "A line can turn into a horrifyingly rigid reality." Apr 4, 2016 Borders Do maps still serve their purpose? Absolutely. But it depends on what you think their purpose it. What do you think? Maps are mediators between "Mainstream porn is quite insane" Mar 24, 2016 Borders You call porn a “discourse about sexuality”. Is that discourse held in an appropriate manner? Well, pornography is a discourse in the way that it’s The Crossing Mar 18, 2016 Borders She came to me, her arms outstretched with their sharp coldness, reminiscent of industry. I touched the shine of her steel, mesmerized by the borders Mar 17, 2016 Borders Art is like a border of flowers along the course of civilization. -Lincoln Steffens In the beginning, there was a dot. The dot went for a walk, “What the fuck is that doing here?” Mar 6, 2016 Borders You have photographed borders in Europe, as well as the one between the United States and Mexico. What makes you so interested in them? In my