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The Idea List
'Turf War' Oct 30, 2015 Endings In Valencia, plans to extend a road towards the sea would mean the end of a historic district. A walk through an area slated for destruction. End of the Story Oct 30, 2015 Endings We asked renowned writers to share their experience of crafting one of the most essential parts of any story: the last sentence. Everything Ends Oct 9, 2015 Endings There’s a feeling that swells up your veins and chokes your senses, an internal tornado that blitzes out all thought. That’s the awareness of your own mortality. Dutch Light Oct 1, 2015 Endings For years, painters from Holland enjoyed an unfair advantage. Until it suddenly disappeared. Introducing The Idea List Oct 1, 2015 Endings Time is money, they say. Time flies. Time is of the essence. The list of time-related idioms could go on endlessly. That is because everyone