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Telephone Angel What if you could talk to the dead? Mar 6, 2021 Endings
Telephone Angel Mar 6, 2021 Endings What if you could talk to the dead? Kenneth Goldsmith on the end of the Internet Mar 6, 2021 Endings The internet seems endless. But is it really? A conversation with American poet and artist Kenneth Goldsmith. Street View’s Strange Solitude Apr 18, 2018 Solitude A couple of years ago, cycling through a sleepy Dutch city, my friends and I came across one of Google’s signature Street View cars. It was an Shame Jan 6, 2017 Shame The German language, never shy of eclectic terminologies, has a word for a specific kind of shame: Fremdschämen. Roughly translated, it means "Of course I want to turn away from sin" Dec 17, 2016 The Devil Religion seems to be very central to who you are as an artist and private person. A lot of your lyrics deal with God and you describe yourself as a Myth Oct 23, 2016 Myth The word myth is worth examining. According to the dictionary, it stands for a traditional story, for a widely-held (but usually false) belief, or Trash Aug 10, 2016 Trash The “Triangle of Death” is an area in Southern Italy, a region between three different municipalities where the local population’s life expectancy "The West has always had a discomfort with colors” Aug 4, 2016 Color Living in Cuba, Rose Marie Cromwell encountered the strange, the surreal, and the spiritual. With her photos, she wove it into a story full of "Psychedelics offer us life in high-definition" Aug 1, 2016 Color Amanda Feilding is a leading advocate for the use of psychedelics to cure mental illnesses. She told us why LSD is not a party drug but should be “Nature is probably best for solitude” Apr 27, 2016 Solitude You placed a quote by the Russian filmmaker Andrey Tarkovsky at the start of the book. (“Man does not need society at all, it’s the society that "Isolation isn''t the biggest problem" Apr 23, 2016 Solitude You research and counsel astronauts in outer space. Judging from your experience: is space a lonely place? Let me go back one step before answering: Margin Walker Apr 19, 2016 Solitude On the edges of the city I live in, there’s a place that has become my personal fantasy playground. It’s quite a large space and I have been Party of One Apr 14, 2016 Solitude 4, 6, 8 … 10 avenue des Champs-Elysées. A century old greenhouse hidden away on one of Paris’s loudest, most hurried streets. White wood paneling, Alone among each other Apr 13, 2016 Solitude I looked at your „you are (not) alone“ photo series and wondered: Why is solitude such an interesting concept for photographers? It is very "We are surrounded by the lonely all the time" Apr 11, 2016 Solitude Reading your book “The Lonely City”, I couldn’t help but think that loneliness is hard to pin down in a specific place… Loneliness is not bound to a Solitude Apr 7, 2016 Solitude is an island. Quite literally: Way up North, deep in the Arctic Ocean, there’s a small archipelago called “Einsamkeit”, German for Walled Garden Apr 5, 2016 Borders You have heard about the “Great Firewall of China”, that epitome of modern censorship: Thanks to an intricate system of digital blockades, great "A line can turn into a horrifyingly rigid reality." Apr 4, 2016 Borders Do maps still serve their purpose? Absolutely. But it depends on what you think their purpose it. What do you think? Maps are mediators between "Mainstream porn is quite insane" Mar 24, 2016 Borders You call porn a “discourse about sexuality”. Is that discourse held in an appropriate manner? Well, pornography is a discourse in the way that it’s The Crossing Mar 18, 2016 Borders She came to me, her arms outstretched with their sharp coldness, reminiscent of industry. I touched the shine of her steel, mesmerized by the
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